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The IPhone 7 Launches TODAY, PEOPLE!

The iPhone 7 Launches TODAY, PEOPLE!

Door: Richard Goodwin

Today is the DAY. It’s time for Apple’s iPhone 7 — arguably the most anticipated phone launch of the year. Later today Apple will unveil two new iPhones — the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus — alongside, potentially, a new Apple Watch device.

An Apple launch is always a big day for the tech space at large, though in recent years, due to Apple’s massive brand appeal, lifestyle blogs and magazines have started taking notice too, making an iPhone launch a rather big deal for almost all niches of publishing.

This year Apple REALLY has its work cut out for it. The main reason for this is because it is going to have to sell its customers on a phone that looks more or less the same as the one it released almost three years ago. Apple will focus on details in order to do this and you can expect the new iPhone’s imaging capabilities to feature prominently in the keynote.

Another area Apple will attempt to score some points is to do with overall performance; the A10 chipset that will ship inside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be stunningly powerful. This is a fact Apple will make again and again throughout the presentation — it will tell you that nothing in the Android space comes close to the A10. And it will likely all be true to (you can read more about the A10 below).

This year’s release however is a bit of an odd one because, for the first time, Apple’s solid number update to its iPhone lineup will be incremental — Apple is saving all the big changes for its 2017 iPhone. This means it will be Tim Cook’s job to persuade everybody that this year’s iPhone is still exciting, despite the fact most of its technology (dual-lens camera, QHD panels, etc,) is already readily available inside handsets.   Read more… …

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